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10 Reasons Why We Are Better Than A Rental Car

Our Rental Carrier v. Your Rental Car

With the holiday season quickly approaching, here are ten reasons to rent from us and not a car rental company this holiday season. If you can think of other reasons, let us know. We are glad to show why we are the best. 

1. You save $$$.  It is cheaper to rent a rooftop carrier from us for as little as $39.99 then renting a car that easily will cost several hundred dollars. 

2. Time Efficiency.  We ship your rental car carrier right to you and provide you free return shipping. All you have to do is drop the carrier off at your closest FedEx Store. We even tell you where the closest FedEx store is. No need to wait in long lines like a car rental company. 

3. Avoid Busy Holiday Shoppers. With our rooftop bag rentals that ship right to you, no reason to go to rental car store and wait for them to service you. Just sit back and wait for us to come to you. We are glad to help. We know you already have enough to do this holiday season. 

4. You Get to Drive Your Own Car. With our rooftop carrier rental, you get extra space in your own car. No need to learn how to drive a different car with different bells and whistles.  Simply attach our carriers in under 5 minutes and be on your way. 

5. Help the environment.  When you rent a car carrier from us, you are helping to prevent the waste of limited resources. Why rent a car when you have a perfectly good car sitting at home ready to be used. Our rooftop bags allow you to better utilize what you already have. 

6. We Don’t Charge You Extra If You Drop Our Bags Off At A Different Spot. Unlike rental car companies that will charge you endless fees if you drop your rental car off at a different location compared to where you pick it up, at Rentluggage, you can drop our rental carriers off at any FedEx Store in the United States without any additional fees.

We actually hope you do drop it off somewhere different as we then know you put our rooftop bag to great use and it saved you time and money.  

7.  Did we mention we save you time and money? See Reasons 1 and 2. 

8.  Don’t Have To Talk To A Pushy Sales Person. You can rent a rooftop carrier without having to talk to anyone. Just a few clicks and a knock on your door from the FedEx delivery man.  We aren’t like a rental car service company that tries to up sell you on every possible option.

Unlike a rental car company, we don’t have a refueling charge. If you do like talking to service people, give us a call at 1-866-550-1154. We are glad to answer any questions you have. We won’t try and over sell you on services you don’t need. 

9.  Hassle Free. Our rooftop cargo bags attach to your car in under 5 minutes. With a rental car, you will spend at least 10 minutes commuting to the rental car store and at least another 20 minutes waiting in line and filling out endless paperwork. With our carriers that arrive on your door step, no need to drive anyway to start this service.  

10.  Get to Travel Longer. With the money you save from renting a carrier, you can use it on more exciting things like more holiday gifts, better hotels and extra time with friends…

Give us a try today. We are excited to help.  


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