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10 Reasons to Rent a Ski Rack Or Snowboard Rack from Us

10 Reasons to Rent a Ski Rack Or Snowboard Rack from Us

Rental Ski Racks/Snowboard Racks

Skiers/Snowboarders –

In honor of our recent announcement to start renting ski and snowboard racks for cars roofs with No RailsSide and Cross Rails, we wanted to give our potential customers ten amazing reasons to rent a rack from us.

If you can think of other reasons, let us know. We are glad to extend the ski rack/snowboard rack list.  

1. You save $$$.  

It is cheaper to rent a ski/snowboard rack from us for as little as $39.99 then purchasing a brand new ski rack that costs several hundred dollars.  It’s easy math here.

2. Time Savings.  

We ship your rental ski/snowboard rack right to you and provide you free return shipping. All you have to do is drop the ski carrier off at your closest FedEx Store. We even tell you where the closest FedEx store is.  We want to make this a stress free process. 

3. Avoidance of Crowds and Crazy Shoppers.

With our ski/snowboard racks that ship right to you, no reason to go to the big box retailers and fight to purchase a ski rack. Just sit back and wait. We are glad to help. We know you already have enough to do.

4. Save garage space.

With our ski rentals, when you are finished with the ski rack, you get to ship it away and not store it in a garage. We think garage space is awesome and not something that should be wasted on a ski rack. 

5. Help the environment.  

When you rent a rack from us, you are helping to prevent the waste of limited resources. Why purchase something that is only going to be used once a year. Isn’t it better to share with others? 

6. Get to Try Something New and Exciting.

You get to try out a simple new rental luggage service that you will make your life easier. 

7.  Did we mention we save you money? 

See Reason 1. 

8.  Don’t have to talk to a pushy sales person.

You can rent a ski rack without having to talk to anyone. Just a few clicks and a knock on your door from the FedEx delivery man.  

9.  Easy to use.

You get to rent a ski rack that attaches very easily to your car. Both No Rail, Side and Cross Rail Car Roof Options are available. We hand selected ski carriers that are easy to use.  At Rentluggage, we don’t want to make your life more frustrating. Our goal is to only select rental products that are easy to use and make your life more enjoyable. 

10.  Get to travel longer.

With the money you save from renting, you can use it on more exciting things like extra ski lift tickets, nicer meals, better rental cars, more high end hotel…

Interested and want to learn more? Check out our ski/snowboard rack rental options

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