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Ten Ski Slopes That Go Great with Our Thule Ski Racks

Ten Ski Slopes That Go Great with Our Thule Ski Racks

In Honor of Our New Thule Ski Racks for Rent

We have come up with our top ten favorite ski slopes you can hit up this winter break with our thule ski racks and snowboard rentals.

To make our list, we had two simple criteria: 1.) these slopes had to be challenging for a multitude of skiers and 2.) located in spots where driving to them with a ski rack was possible and straightforward.  Sorry Alaska, Canada, and South America that means you are out.

sking and ski racks for rent1. Breckenridge, Colorado

Located only 1.5 hours from Denver and right off Interstate Highway 70,  this ski resort is the perfect location for those roadtriping with friends. With many different types of runs for experts and beginners, you won’t get bored quickly here. This resort is also family friendly so bring the kids and include their skis on your ski rack rental.

2. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Many ski experts view Jackson Hold as the nicest resort in the country, this great ski resort comes in at 2 with the average drive to this resort is 10 to 12 hours bring it down a bit.   

3. Snowbird, Utah

This Utah slope made our top three as it has one of the best combinations of resorts and road access.  Salt Lake City is only an hour away.  We recommend you fly into Salt Lake with our racks in your ski bags, attach them to a rental car and head up the mountain.  Our racks can attach in under 5 minutes and can be done while in the car rental lot.

thule ski racks4. Alta, Utah

Like Snowbird, Alta is also located just outside of Salt Lake.  A short drive through beautiful terrain to the slopes makes this slope rise on our top ten list.

5. Squaw Valley, California

A free spirit mountain if you live out West and great highways to head up to it for those living in California. However, if you are coming from the Midwest, not an easy drive through much hard terrain.

6. Vail, Colorado

A high end mountain resort if you are looking to spend major bucks skiing. Similar to Breckenridge located about 1.5 hours outside of Denver. The main reason this slope doesn’t rank higher on our list is the cost associated with Vail. Be prepared to pay lots of money for everything you purchase from lodging, to food to ski slope mountain passes. Our rental ski racks savings are a great way to afford skiing this great mountain resort.

7. Copper Mountain, Colorado

Located about an hour or so from Denver, a great slope  for those who want to fly into Denver with our rental thule ski racks, attach them quickly to a rental car and head up the mountain.  More reasonably priced than Vail though the mountain range doesn’t offer as many trails. Did we mention our racks can easily fit in your ski bags and attach to almost any car with a rail system already attached?  Just rent a car with a rack system on it.

thule ski racks

8. Grand Targhee, Wyoming

While according to many experts, some of the nicest resorts in the country, this great ski resort comes in at 8 on our list due to its distance from major cities. The closest major city is 4 to 5 hours away. For most Americans one will have to to drive a day or two depending on your location to hit this great slope.

9. Telluride, Colorado

One of Colorado’s best kept secrets for skiing. This mountain town and slopes are about 6 hours away from Denver which is a great amount of time to spend with our ski racks on your car. The main draw back with this slope is you will be driving through mountainous terrain for extended periods of time. Not a lot of fun if you are driving in the dead of winter with our thule ski racks.

10. Unknown…

We encourage you to think outside the proverbial “winter activity box” and pick a slope we never discussed and see where the world takes you with our thule ski racks. Sometimes nothing beats an adventure left to chance.

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