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Family Vacation: How to Afford One More Night in Paradise

Family Vacation: Affording Another Night in Paradise

Below, Rentluggage is going to show you how to save enough money with our rental luggage services that you will be able to afford another priceless night on your next family vacation. Careful, once you read our story and advice, you will never look at your luggage the same again. You could easily have resentment toward it going forward.

Family Vacation Lessons Learned

Back in the day, my family decided to take a dream vacation to Disney World. We flew to Florida for a seven day trip to see Mickey Mouse and his cast of characters in person. My family was bursting with excitement. Once we booked our flights, we rushed out to purchase high end luggage to store all of ourEagle Creek bag clothes and other items for this family vacation. The bigger the bag the better for all those Mickey Mouse souvenirs. 

The financial costs of these large pieces of luggage were at least a night’s stay in a Disney World hotel, $250 to $300. The luggage worked, though after trip, our expensive luggage sat in our respective closets and basements only to be pulled out when searching for other objects.

Every time, we saw one of these pieces of luggage, we thought “What a waste. We don’t need these bags anymore, they just takes up space. That was an expensive one time use.”

Family Vacation Saving Tip 

Don’t want to be in the same position as my family? Rent luggage from us today for your next family vacation. Our luggage ships right to you. Our rentals are only a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing new luggage.

A one week rental with us starts as low at $24.99. Compare our rental fee to a brand new $200 luggage. As you can see the savings you get from our luggage will easily pay for another hotel night with the family.

Don’t you want to spend one more day on vacation with the family? Take action today so you can enjoy another wonderful vacation night. 


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