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Ask Luggage Guy

luggage expertGot a Luggage Question?

Don’t feel like figuring out what type of luggage you need for your next trip? Let us do the hard work. We are a luggage expert ready and willing to help. Answer these five short questions below and within 24 hours we will email you a luggage rental recommendation.

With our luggage expertise, you will no longer have to guess at the right bag for your trip or struggle to read hundreds of websites trying to come up with an answer.  We do all the hard work for you. Just sit back, relax and dream about your upcoming trip.

Our Luggage Guy Expert Promise To You.

If we don’t have any rentals that fit your travel needs, we will send you a link to the best deal we can find on the web for your travel situation. Our Luggage Expert recommendation will also include some unique travel and packing advice you may not have thought of as a bonus feature. We REPLY ASAP, generally within 20 minutes of sending us a message. 

luggage expertThe Magical Luggage Guy Expert Questions.

1. Where are you headed and by what mode of transportation?

2. For how long will you be traveling?

3. What generally are you planning on bringing with you or back with you on this trip?

4. What activities do you plan on doing on this trip?

5. Any other special considerations you believe we should know about as we create this custom recommendation? (price point you are willing to spend)…

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