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Our Personal Story on Renting Backpacks:  

Like most young people, we decided to take the ultimate post-college trip to Europe. We wanted to taste German beer, kiss Swedish women, and sample Italian meatballs. We hit up such historic towns as London, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Munich, Zurich, and many more. Great days andHostel unforgettable nights were had. For this legendary backpacking trip, we all rushed out and purchased high-end costly backpacks without thinking how to maximize our travel budget. The financial costs of these backpacks would haunt us later. At the end of our trip, everyone wished we had more money to continue on. Our costly purchased backpacks worked though our respective backpacks sat dormant in our closets and basements afterwards.  Every time, we saw one of these backpacks, we thought “Man, what a waste. I never use this backpack anymore, it just takes up space.” From this glorious but costly trip, the seeds of Rentluggage were planted.

Our rental service will allow you to learn from our foolish financials mistakes. With our backpack rentals, you can maximize your travel budget to spend more great days and unforgettable nights abroad.

Backpack Rentals & How it Works:

RentLuggage backpack rentalsLooking for affordable hiking backpacks and/or camping gear for your upcoming trip? Rentluggage is your source for affordable quality backpack rentals. Our bags are perfect for backpacking Europe, a camping trip with friends, or a road trip with the family. We are always adding new backpack rentals as well.

Our service is simple.  Select a backpack rental from our online catalog, then pick the period of time you need the rental bag for, and when you need it delivered by. Rentluggage ships the bag straight to your doorstep. Once your rental period is over, simply place the backpack rental in the original shipping box and drop it off at a FedEx store with the prepaid return shipping label pasted on the outside. Free Return Shipping.


Benefits to Renting: 

The best kept student travel secret is our backpack rentals. Ever think how much money you spend on luggage that you barely use? If you haven’t, you should. Luggage is expensive and can kill your student travel budget quickly. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on museums, flights, train tickets, food, and drinks? You need to check out our spring break rentals which are perfect for backpacking across Europe, US, South America, Asia, or even the moon. We carry such name backpack brands:

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