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Backpacking Checklist

Backpacking Checklist

Backpacking Checklist for Travelers

Hey Travelers,

Need a backpacking checklist? Check out this great bacpacking check list over at This backpacking travel site does a great job thinking through many common problems backpackers face in Europe.  We wish this site existed when we backpacked Europe. When we go back to Europe, we are definitely going to give a closer read.

Our favorite item on their backpacking checklist is the travel alarm clock.  This item is something we overlooked when in Europe and without one made getting up on time very challenging. A few travel plans were delayed because of our altered schedule. Also, the hostels in Europe do not provide alarm clocks.  Normally, they will only guarantee you a bed and some crazy roommates.

We also think shower shoes listed on the checklist is a great idea. The showers in many European hostels are dorm like. Not sure how often they are cleaned.  Don’t want to come back to the US with more than great European memories.

Our only disappointment right now with is they haven’t considered renting a backpack as travel advice. We hope to change that and convince them offers a great alternative to buying a hiking backpack.  We have several hiking backpack options that save you money Wouldn’t you rather spend your hard earned cash on museums, pubs, and shows compared to luggage?



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