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Backpacking Europe Checklist

Backpacking Europe Checklist

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Backpacking Travelers –

Looking for a Backpacking Europe Checklist? We at rentluggage came across a great travel article on USA Today by Gabi Logan here. Gabi Logan besides being a great travel writer, has traveled Europe extensively and writes based on her travel experiences. In this article, Gabi lays out some great travel strategies for selecting a backpack to use for backpacking Europe and what clothes one needs for such a travel trip.

We at rentluggage agree with almost everything she says except when she says “BUY” a backpack. We offer a great alternative to this buying strategy which is to rent a backpack from us for your trip. With our rental option, you are saving cash when our rental backs only cost a fraction of the cost to purchase a brand new one. With this savings, you can spend more on great adventures in Rome, London, or any other place you want to go in Europe.  Check out our rental backpacks here.

We also agree with Gabi that you need an electrical converter for your electronics when backpacking. We offer such options here and will gladly provide free shipping for these travel accessories items if you rent a backpack from us here.

PS-Gabi, we didn’t know peanut butter wasn’t common in Europe. We are definitely packing some next time we head to Europe.


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