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Beginner’s Guide to Renting a Bicycle Carrier Rack

Beginner’s Guide

Not sure where to start or which bicycle carrier rack is right for your car? No problem. We have come up with a quick checklist for you when selecting a rental bicycle carrier.

Step 1: Does your car have any type of rack systems on the roof?

  1. If Option One, you have a naked roof. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have an rental options that can work.  You need to obtain a cross rail car rack system to rent our bicycle carrier.
  2. If Option Two, your car has a rail system but it only runs down the sides of the car and does not cross. You need to obtain a cross rail car rack system to rent our bicycle carrier.
  3. If Option Three, your car has a rail system which has a cross rail system. This set up works for our rental. Cross rail systems can either come with the car or you can purchase one to attach to your car. With option three, you can focus on any type of bicycle rack carrier we offer.

Step 2: How many bicycle are you planning on putting on your car roof?

Each rental bicycle rack carrier can only hold one bicycle. If you plan on carrier a multitude of bikes, you will need to rent more than one bicycle carrier rack system.


Step 3: How long do you want the rental bicycle carrier rack for?Bicycle Carrier Rack

  • Our Rental Bicycle Carrier Options are 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 4 weeks.
  • The Bicycle Carrier Rack Rental starts the day you receive the bag via FedEx and ends the day you send it back via FedEx. All rental come with a pre-paid fedex shipping label so returning the rental is quick and easy. 

Step 4: How do I return the item when my rental period is finished?


  • Feel free to drop us a note, our customer representatives are great at answering any bicycle rack carrier questions you may have. You can also get our expert luggage opinion on other types of luggage here.

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