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Beginner’s Guide to Selecting an Outdoor Tent

A How to Guide When Selecting a Rental Tent

Not sure where to start or which outdoor tent is right for your adventure? No problem. We have come up with a quick checklist for you when selecting a camping tent.

Step 1: How many people are going on this trip and intend to sleep in a particular tent?pinnancle pop up tent

  1. If four people in one tent go with our Pinnacle 4 Person Pop Up Camping Tent.
  2. If four people on the trip but you only want two in a tent go with our Rightline 2 Person Pop Up Tent per couple
  3. If two people on the trip go with our Coleman 2 Person Pop Up Outdoor Tent.

Step 2: What type of climate are you anticipating?

  1. Rightline TentRainy climate, go with our Pinnacle 4 Person Waterproof Tent Option.
  2. Dry climate and you want to see the stars from your tent, go with our Coleman 2 Person Tent with a opening roof for viewing. 
  3. Normal conditions-see Step 1 all rental tents can work. 

Step 3: How much time do you want to spend setting up the camping tent?

  • Trick question, all of our camping tents are pop up tents that set up in under a few minutes.

Step 4: How long do you want the rental outdoor tent for?

  • Our Rental Outdoor Tent Options are 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 4 weeks.
  • The Tent Rental starts the day you receive the bag via FedEx and ends the day you send it back via FedEx.

Step 5: Want a brief video explaining how the return process works?


Questions ?

  • Feel free to drop us a note, our customer representatives are great at answering any outdoor tent questions you may have. You can also get our expert luggage opinion on other types of luggage here.


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