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Bike Travel Bag Accessories

Bicycle packing travel tips

Bike Travel Bag Accessories

Top Bike Travel Bag Accessories to consider for your upcoming bike race

Looking for some additional bike travel bag accessories that can make your travel with your bike easier?

Padded Shoulder Straps: Should Straps can make carrying your bike travel bag more comfortable, especially if you have to walk long distances with it.

Wheel Bags: Separate wheel bags can help protect your bike wheels and keep them clean while they’re in transit.

Frame Protectors: Frame Protectors can be placed over your bike’s frame to prevent scratches and other damage during transit.

Handlebar Mounts: If you’re travelling with a soft-shell bike travel bag, a handlebar mount can help keep your bike stable and prevent damage to the bag.

TSA-Approved Locks: If you’re travelling by air, a TSA-approved lock can help keep your bike secure while also allowing airport security to inspect your bag if necessary.

Bike Covers: A bike cover can help protect your bike from scratches, dirt, and other damage while it’s in transit.

Pedal Bags: Similar to wheel bags, pedal bags can help protect your pedals and prevent damage to your bike bag during transit.

Fork Mounts: If you’re travelling with a hard-shell bike travel case, a fork mount can help keep your bike stable and prevent damage to the case.

Fragile Stickers: Placing fragile stickers on your bike travel bag can help alert baggage handlers to the fact that your bag contains a fragile item.

Repair Kit: A basic repair kit can be helpful in case of minor damage to your bike or travel bag while you’re on the road. This might include items such as duct tape, a multi-tool, and spare parts like bolts or spokes.

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