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Can I attach a bike rack to my truck bed?

Thule Insta-Gater Pro; bike truck bed rack system

Can I attach a bike rack to my truck bed?

We get asked all the time whether bike rack manufactures have options to attach a bike rack to a truck bed.

The Answer is Yes, bike truck bed rack systems exists that can be used on Truck brands like Ford, Chevy, GM, Toyota and Honda. We offer several bike truck bed rack systems to make your biking experience the best.

Below are two great options that Yakima and Thule manufacture. We are excited to carry both options to allow you to use your truck bed to store securely bikes to your truck.

Both options below can attach to your truck bed without additional drilling into your truck bed. 

Let us help make your next outdoor trip with your bicycle a success.


Yakima BikerBar

This Yakima option described by Yakima as the no-fuss bike carrier for truck beds. No tools needed, no drill holes necessary for installation.  It allows you to carry two bikes while you travel. Comes in a medium and large size depending on your truck bed needs. Includes a locking mechanism as well. Above is the link to the medium option. Message us if you are interested in the large size.

Truck Bike Rack Option 2: Thule Insta-Gater Pro Truck Bicycle Rack System

This Thule Bike Rack System quickly secures the bicycle without frame contact using the ratcheting arm. Check out THULE INSTA-GATER PRO TRUCK BED BIKE RACK for sale

Thus unlike the Yakima which attaches to the frames of your truck bed, this Thule option attaches to the base of your truck bed.  This option holds one bike compared to the Yakima truck bed bike rack solution that holds two bikes. 

Send us any questions you have, we have real people standing by that will reply with helpful advice ASAP. We want to be your travel friend and guide.

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