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Can ski racks go through a car wash?

can ski racks go through a carwash

Can ski racks go through a carwash?

We sometimes get asked this random question when folks are using our ski rack rentals. We believe it is important for those taking a ski road trip. 

Overall, most ski rack manufacturers don’t recommend that you keep your ski rack on your roof when going through a car wash for several reasons. For all the ski rack we rent, we don’t recommend you keep them on your car’s roof if you need to clean your car.

Here is a few reasons why leaving a ski rack on your car during a car wash is a bad idea.

  1. The ski rack could become stuck in the car washing cleaning equipment causing the car wash to break down.
  2. The ski rack could hit the top of the car wash structure as you pull into the washing area causing damage to the ski rack.
  3. The soap and excessive water could cause the ski rack to develop rust on the rack itself.

When in doubt, check the ski rack manufacturer’s installation instructions for specific advice for the ski rack on your car.

Though if in doubt, remove the ski rack prior to heading into a car wash.

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