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can you use a ski rack as a fishing pole rack?

fishing pole rack

can you use a ski rack as a fishing pole rack?

Looking for a fishing travel tip? We sometimes get asked this car rack question from fisherman looking for a solution to hit the lake in the summer time. We are glad to help provide helpful fishing rack answers below.  Let us know if we can make your next adventure a great time.  

Quick Answer on Ski Racks and Fishing Rod Pole Racks

Overall, it depends on the rack system but yes generally you can store other items in ski rack systems besides skis and snowboards such as fishing rods though it does require you to make sure fishing poles are securely fastened to the rack system.

Here’s Why Ski Racks and Fishing Poles can work

Here is a few reasons this skis/snowboard and fishing poles substitution trick can work.

  1. Skis like fishing poles are long in dimension and are able to be clamped into a rack system. 
  2. Fishing rods like skis and snowboards are manufactured to be exposed to outdoor elements so if you put them on a rack you are generally ok. (each pole or piece of ski equipment is unique so double check your instruction manuals) 
  3. Just like skiing or snowboard, fishing is an activity where you want to be able to quickly unload and load your fishing gear in unique and outdoor areas.

When in doubt, check the ski rack manufacturer’s installation instructions for specific advice for the rack on your car. Each car rack manufacturer may have additional fishing tips or advice on this topic. 

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Email us with questions, we are glad to help make your next fishing adventure a success. 

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