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Cheap Amazon Golf Travel Bags: A Penny Wise, Pound Foolish Decision

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Cheap Amazon Golf Travel Bags: A Penny Wise, Pound Foolish Decision

A famous English expression exists describing decisions people make called “penny wise, pound foolish.” The expression was created to describe decisions where a person believes saving a few pennies is a good strategy compared to the pound foolish overlooked larger impact the decision is costing the person.

We believe this English expression is analogous to a question we get asked all the time about merely buying a cheap golf travel bag on Amazon compared to renting with us. 

Below are three reasons to better explain why renting a high quality golf travel bag from RentLuggage is a better pound wise decision compared to a penny foolish strategy of buying a cheap low quality golf travel bag from websites like Amazon. 

Number 1: Unlike a cheap Amazon golf travel bag, when you are finished with our golf travel bag rentals, you can ship the item back to us to be reused.  With a cheap Amazon golf travel bag your golf travel bag either ends up in your basement collecting dust and taking up space or in a landfill somewhere adding to pollution.

Number 2: We have traveled with, tested and reviewed countless golf travel bags to select only those golf brands we believe are leaders in this space. With a cheap Amazon golf travel bag, you are selecting brands we believe don’t compare in quality, safety, and durability. Do you really want to trust your high end golf clubs with low end brands like this?

Number 3: When renting with us, you have the ability to communicate with people at RentLuggage, who answer questions all day long about golf travel bags. When buying an Amazon golf travel bag you are lucky to get someone who probably isn’t familiar with golf travel bag pros and cons to even email you back.

Hopefully, this brief explanation has convinced you to make the pound wise decision to rent on your next golf trip. Below is more information to make this pound wise strategy a reality today.

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