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Dakine Bike Travel Bag Maintenance Guide

Dakine Bike Travel Bag Maintenance Tips

Congrats if you are reading this post you probably just completed a big bike race and have returned home to store your bike travel bag until the next big bike race.

Trying to figure out the best way to make sure your Dakine bike travel bag is kept in great shape every time you travel with your bike?

Here our top tips to make sure you bike travel bag remains in great shape for future use. 

Our goal is to help make sure your bike travel bag investment lasts. 

  1. Maintenance Tip 1: Check the wheels after each use to make sure they are spinning correctly. A broke wheel can lead to the bag wearing on the ground and then breaking over time. A little bit of Vaseline or oil can help a stuck wheel and keep your bag in working order.DAKINE BIKE ROLLER BAG BLACK
  2. Maintenance Tip 2: Inspect the Dakine travel bag for any holes or tears after your adventure. A small tear can over time turn into a large hole if it is not properly repaired.
  3. Maintenance Tip 3: Make sure your bike when you are packing up doesn’t have any sharp edges that is forced against the inside of the bag as those sharp edges can cause tears in the bike travel bag while traveling.
  4. Maintenance Tip 4: Count all your pads after each use against the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you have all the pad items prior to packing the bike travel bag away. It is much easier to run a spare part down like a pad after your trip compared to the night before your next trip. 
  5. Maintenance Tip 5: Check the zipper to make sure it is functioning as intended after each trip. A zipper that is slightly off can be easily fixed compared to a broken zipper. A local tailor can help repair a zipper if your item is not functioning as intended.
  6. Maintenance Tip 6: Make sure you include a bike travel tag on the outside of your bag. Confirm after each trip that the tag is still there. If the tag has fallen off repair. Also make sure your contact information is updated so that if your bike is lost, the airline have your most updated information.DAKINE UNISEX BIKE ROLLER BAG Rent Luggage customer
  7. Maintenance Tip 7: Consider air tags for your bike travel bag. This additional feature can also help make sure you know where your bike is during your travel.
  8. Maintenance Tip 8: If your bag is damaged during your use, check out Dakine Bike Bag Warranty found here to learn what additional options you have to get your item repaired, replaced or refunded. 
  9. Maintenance Tip 9: Store the bike travel bag in a dry area away from excessive water and sunlight. 


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