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Family Road Trip Tips

Family Road Trip Tips

Family Travelers, 

Do you have a family road trip scheduled for this summer? Not sure how you are going to get every piece of luggage into your car this summer?  We at came across a great article the other day on on packaging luggage tips for family trips.

Check out Meredith Brower’s article here on “Tips for Packing the Car for a Road Trip” All of her tips are definitely well thought out and if followed make any family vacation excellent. 

We especially like her tip on rooftop cargo bags. We only wish she would have mentioned us and the idea of renting a rooftop carrier via the internet. We at rentluggage think rooftop cargo bags are a great way to travel in the summer time and allow a family to enjoy more space in their vehicles.

Also, we take all the stress out of tracking a rooftop carrier down when all a person has to do is order one from our website and wait for luggage to ship directly to your door. Just mail the rooftop carrier back when your rental period is up.  

We also save you money when a traveler only has to pay a fraction of the cost to rent the rooftop carrier compared to buying the rooftop carrier brand new.

Check out our rental rooftop carrier options here.  Let us take the stress out of your family vacation. 


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