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FAQ: I don't have a roof rack, can I still rent a rooftop carrier from you?

rightline sport 2 no rails required

FAQ: I don’t have a roof rack, can I still rent a rooftop carrier from you?

We get asked a version of this question all the time. This brief “rooftop carrier no roof rack” answer below is designed to answer questions like the below you may have as you research for your upcoming road trip or moving experience. 

  1. “What if my car doesn’t have a roof rack, can I still rent from you?”
  2. “Do I need a roof rack to rent a carrier from you?”
  3. “What if I don’t know whether the car I will be driving will have a roof rack until the last minute, what can I do?”
  4. “I plan on renting a car and won’t know until I pick the car up whether it has a roof rack, what should I do?”
  5. “What is a universal roof top carrier that will work on an assortment of car roofs?”

Overall, don’t worry, we can help. We have researched extensively to find the best rooftop carrier options for you and your upcoming road trip.

We have several rooftop carrier rental options that allow you to use our rental services even if you don’ t have a roof rack on your car’s roof.

These solutions below answer the questions above “Yes, you can and should rent from us.

These three no rack rooftop carrier options below are perfect for cars with no roof racks.

Note these roof top carriers will also work on cars with side and cross roof rail systems. Thus even if your understanding is wrong about your rail system or lack thereof, you will still be ok to use these rooftop carrier items below.

Below we have included pictures of happy every day customers using our rentals.

If you enjoy our rental rooftop carriers, we are glad to sell them to you when your rental period is up for a great deal. 

1. Rightline sport 3 rooftop carrier starting as low as $47.99 for 3 day rental

rightline sport 3 rentluggage

2. Yakima get out pro rooftop carrier starting as low as $42.99 for a 3 day rental

3. Sherpak 15 rooftop carrier starting as low as $47.99 for a 3 day rental

rooftop carrier no roof rack

Have other questions about rack systems and rooftop carriers? Check out our  Beginner’s guide to installing a rooftop carrierThis guide is designed to make this selection process easy to understand. 

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