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FAQ: Is the Rightline Sport Carrier a waterproof rooftop carrier?

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FAQ: Is the Rightline Sport Carrier a waterproof rooftop carrier?

FAQ Rooftop Carrier Answers

We get asked all the time what roof top carriers does Rent Luggage offer that are 100% waterproof. The answer is the Rightline Sport Carriers.

As outlined below Rightline uses Dual Seam Technology (sewn for strength/welded waterproof) and Zip Right System (a urethane coated zipper located on the protective zipper flap where water cannot enter) to provide total weather protection when traveling on the open road.

Use this water proof roof top carrier technology on your next open road trip to better protect your precious items. Countless customers have enjoyed this technology in tough conditions. 

One more point worth noting on this rightline carrier is besides this 100% waterproof technology, these rooftop carriers can also attach to rooftop with or without rails. 

Check out this Rightline waterproof rooftop carrier option out here.  It is our most popular roof top carrier rental. We ship these rooftop carriers across the United States. Free return shipping on every rental order with Rent Luggage. 

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