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what is the difference between a Yakima Freshtrack and Yakima Fatcat Ski Rack?


FAQ: yakima freshtrack vs fatcat ski racks

We get asked this Yakima ski rack question a lot. At first glance to a unrefined rack novice eye, you may be thinking, I can’t see or the tell the difference between these two Yakima options below. Which one is the better option for my budget and car?

You have googled the right answer.

Yakima FreshTrack 6 Skis; Yakima FreshTrackYakima FatCat6 Rent Luggage

Here are the basic Yakima ski rack differences to note as you decide which rack option is best for you.

Price: Retail Price between the Yakima Fatcat is roughly $100 more than the Yakima Freshtrack.

Attaching to Your Roof Rack: The Yakima Freshtrack uses a screw based system (see first photo below) to attach to your rack compared to the Fatcat which uses a band system (see second photo below) to attach to your car. The Band system is quicker to install and doesn’t require a screw driver like the Freshtrack.  This attachment reason we believe is the key difference in the Yakima retail price.

Yakima Freshtrack

Yakima Freshtrack

Yakima FatCat 6 Rent Luggage; yakima roof racks universal

Yakima FatCat


Color: The FatCat comes in either black or silver compared to the Freshtrack which only comes in silver.

Rack Shape: The Freshtrack is square shaped compared to the FatCat which as a more oval based shape.

Locking systems: Both systems do come with locks and keys so you don’t have to worry about this feature.

We rent and sell both Yakima ski rack options described above. Let us help you make the perfect buying or renting decision today for your upcoming ski trip.

Send us an email if you still have questions.

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