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FAQs on Return Shipping to Rent Luggage

Thule Sidekick 682 Rooftop Carrier Cargo Box

FAQs on return shipping to Rent Luggage

The Return Shipping Answers:

We get asked all the time about returning rentals to Rent Luggage. Below are quick answers to questions you may have about shipping a rental back to us.

Will you ship a box to me if I’m returning the rental from a different location?

Yes, keep reading to see learn more about your particular rental or if a local option may exist.

Do I have to travel with the original shipping box?

The answer is “no” though we require you return the box in a similar sized box you received the item in.

Where can I get a replacement shipping box if I lost it?

For many of our items finding a similar box is very simple as your local fedex or ups sell boxes for a few bucks. 

However, if you are traveling with our hardcase rooftop carriers such as the Thule sidekick returning the item in this original box is necessary so as to prevent any additional fees. If you are unable to travel with the original box, send us a note, we can ship you a replacement box in the approved box dimensions to your final destination for as little as $35.  Email us to set this up. 

Why do I need the original box for the Thule sidekick?

Unfortunately fedex and ups charge us based on the box dimensions and our rental prices including free return shipping are based on these calculations. If a user selects a box that outside the dimensions the originally agreed to pricing doesn’t cover box dimensions out of our agreed to rates. 

Send us a note at We can send you a replacement box. We can ship you a replacement to your final destination for as little as $35. 

I lost the return shipping label, how do I get a another one?

Send us a note at We can send you a replacement label electronically.  

Can I create my own shipping label to ship the item back to you?

No. We don’t recommend this as we have preapproved methods including applicable insurance coverage with our shipping label.

Don’t have time to go to FEDEX?

Check out our Fedex Home Pick Up Service Option. Its only $10. Another potential way we save you time and money.

Still have questions?

Check out our basic return shipping instructions.

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