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The best way to celebrate Father’s Day? Father's Day Gift Ideas Found Here.

father's day gift ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Found Here

The best way to celebrate Father’s Day?

Desperately need a Father’s Day gift idea? Want something different this year that will change your relationship with your dad for the better?

We think the answer is simple and straight forward.

It is Travel. Yes, Travel.

In honor of Father’s Day, we want to tell you how travel with our father impacted our lives for the better and how a simple trip with Dad can potentially impact your life as well.

Our story starts back 2010 before Rent Luggage was founded. We decided we needed a break from the stresses of day to day life and wanted to a trip to recharge the batteries.

golf trip, golf travelAfter much thought and research, we decided to take a once in a lifetime trip with our Dad to Ireland to play golf, hit the pubs and visit the town where our grandfather immigrated from back in the 1920s.

For ten days, we rented a car, driving the narrow Irish country side roads, playing golf in wet and windy weather, drinking in Guinness in local pubs, and sleeping in local B&Bs.

We created memories and stories that we tell every time we get together.

Additionally, out of this trip was born the idea to rent luggage as after our trip we had several golf travel bags sitting in our basement taking up space and collecting dust.

Hopefully with this brief personal story, you think twice about traveling with Dad in honor of Father’s day and see all the potential direct and indirect benefits you can gain from travel.

Overall, we have time saving rentals for any vacation, road trip, or weekend getaway you can dream up with your Dad or son. We have helped countless Dad over the years create travel memories that they carry with them wherever they go.  Why not create a memory this summer with your Dad? 

Here a few travel ideas to think about for your Dad this Father’s Dad. Feel free to use all of them if you like.

  1. Hitting the Open Road with Dad. Nothing Says I love you like a road trip to your favorite national or state park. 
  2. Backpacking with Dad. Dad needs scenic views as well. Help Dad accomplish this goal today. 
  3. Golfing with Dad. Help Dad air one out this holiday weekend. 
  4. Biking with Dad. Make Dad sweat this Father’s day with a long bike ride. 
  5. Not sure what Dad wants, let him pick it out with our Gift Cards

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Rent TODAY to create those special moments with Dad!

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