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Car Top Carrier Rental – A New Moving Solution You May Not Have Thought Of…

A New Moving Solution – Car Top Carrier Rental

car top carrier rentalStressed Out About An Upcoming Move? We know how you feel and have thought long and hard about this situation. We at Rentluggage have the answer to your stress. Rent a Car Top Carrier rental from us that ships right to you. The Perfect Moving Help.

How Does It Work: Use our rooftop cargo bags to move all those small personal items such as clothes, books, and teddy bears to your new house. Simply mail back the rooftop carrier when your move is complete. Free return shipping.

One of the great things about our service is our roof top bags can be mailed back from anywhere in the Continental United States. For instance, you can receive the roof top carrier at your old home in Florida and send it back from your new home in Oregon. Our bags are great for cross country moves.

Benefits of Our Services:

Thule 867 Tahoe Roof Bag; car top carrier rentalWith our rental services, no need to rent a large rental truck or borrow a car from a friend. Our solution is cheaper and easier. Also, once your move is over, you aren’t stuck with a carrier that will sit in your garage or closet for years.

Who Can Use Our Services:

Anyone in the Continental United States. In particular college students, get our rooftop cargo bags delivered to your dorm room today for your trip home for summer or winter break.

Simply sent our rentals back by dropping it off at the closest FedEx store.

Moving Help Options

We Offer: We offer a variety of roof top carrier rental options that can attached to cars with or without rails on them. Give us a try today, we are excited about the chance to make your life easier and save you time and money. 

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