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Five Cross Country Road Trip Myths That Are Completely Wrong

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Five Cross Country Road Trip Myths That Are Completely Wrong

Planning an upcoming cross country road trip?

Looking to learn more about cross country road trip strategies?

Here are five myths you need to know about when planning the perfect cross country road trip.

Myth #1: Believing Summer is the best and only time to make a cross country road trip.

While you may remember taking summer road trips back when you were a child, hot car filled days and cheap hotel nights, many fun unique fall and winter cross country road trip adventures do exist.  For instance, nothing says Fall like college football tailgates and fall foliage.  

One can set up a road trip adventure visiting your favor college teams and famous fail foliage locations when football is not in session. Think the Midwest for football and the Northeast for foliage. When it comes to winter, many great winter sport options exist to consider for a cross country road trip. Think the Rocky mountains. 

Lonely Planet has a well thought out resource page to help brainstorm the many different seasonal cross country options.

Myth #2: Assuming you can drive cross country by only using your phone as a guide is the best plan.

While smart phones make traveling easier, smart phones only use can be a bad idea in case you run out of battery or go through cell phone reception dead zones. Smart phone map applications are the perfect smart phone battery killers when turned on for long periods of time. Also, smart phone reception dead zones are known to appear when you hit remote areas of the United States. Think the middle of Kansas or Nebraska. 

A good old fashion map allows you to keep your journey going if you run across such heart stopping issues. Maps also allow you to fashion alternative routes if bad weather, road construction or an act of God may take you off your intended path. 

Myth #3: Buying travel gear is your only option. 

Like the ability to check out a DVD, Rentluggage is proud to offer travel gear like roof top carriers, luggage, and camping gear that you can rent for the fraction of the cost comparing to buying new. Don’t get stuck buying travel gear you will only use once.

Rent from us and let us save you time, money and energy with our services. We have helped countless customers all over the country use a rental to make their trip memorable. Keep the memories and not the travel gear on your next trip.  

Lastly, Rentluggage is perfect for a cross country road trip as one can return travel items from anywhere in the Continental United States. Our roof top carriers are perfect if you want to drive to a destination and then catch a flight back. No need to worry what you are going to do with a roof top carrier. Mail it back with our prepaid shipping label from your end destination hotel.

Myth #4: Thinking you can find hotels and lodging as you go.

While planing a trip on the go can be fun and exciting, not booking lodging in advance can lead to major headaches and stresses. Depending on the city you come across, a convention or other major event you may not have considered can book a city out very quickly.  cross country road trip

Nowadays very little risk exists in booking hotels out in advance as most hotels will allow you to cancel for free up to 24 hours in advance.  Save yourself unnecessary stress.

Myth #5: All auto policies offer 24 hour road side assistance. 

Not all auto policies offer 24 hour road side assistance. Calling your auto insurance before you depart to ask such a question is a smart move. Nothing is worse than a flat tire in the middle of the night in a remote area of the United States.  If your auto cross country road tripinsurance doesn’t cover such a feature, you may be able to add roadside assistance coverage for a few dollars more or reach out to AAA to sign up for their services.  

If either of these options are out of your price range, make sure you have the necessary tools to change a tire and how to use them before you depart. 

Have other cross country trip myths we over looked? Email us at to let us know or for help from one of our travel experts.

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