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Five Tips When Looking for a Travel Golf Bag

Five Tips When Looking for a Travel Golf Bag

1. Determine the size of your regular golf bag you will travel with prior to starting your travel golf bag search. 

FIVE TIPS WHEN LOOKING FOR A TRAVEL GOLF BAGA travel golf bag is only as good as the golf bag and clubs it is protecting. If you don’t know the exact size of your golf bag prior to selecting a golf travel cover, you are setting yourself up for failure later.

Golf travel bags generally can hold two types of golf bags. Regular golf bags like the ones most amateurs use and touring sized golf bags the pros use.  Understanding this difference is important because if you get the size issue wrong  you either will buy a travel bag not big enough or a travel bag with excessive space.  Neither is an ideal solution.


2. Determine Exactly What You Want to Haul.

Samsonite golf travel bagGolfers need to have an idea what and how much they plan on taking with them on their next golf trip. The failure to plan can lead to a costly mistake. Now is not the time to travel with all those golf balls you found in the lake last week.  Most airlines have weight restrictions on golf travel bags and if you don’t know the weight limits you can incur costly penalties.  


3. Have an Idea How Long & Often You Plan On Using the Travel Golf Bag.

Many golfers think they have to purchase a golf travel bag brand new and keep it forever.  That underlying belief is false. If you don’t plan on using your golf travel cover more than once a year, think long and hard before you buy. Golf travel covers retail between $150 to $300.You can rent a travel golf bag from us for a fraction of the cost to purchase new. Our rentals start as little as $19.99 a week. Simply mail back the golf bag once your trip is over with our pre-paid shipping labels. Keep the golf memories and not the  travel golf bag on your next golfing adventure.


4. Extra Side Pockets.

golf travel bagWhen looking for the best golf travel bag, you want to examine your options and their side pocket capacity. For those confused on the terminology, side pockets refer to the pockets on the sides of the travel golf bags.

These side pocket features are important for packing. With many side pockets on your travel golf cover, you increase your ability to pack a variety of items and maximize the amount of items you can travel with.

Also a golf travel cover is a great way to spread out luggage weight restrictions for airlines if your regular suitcase is too heavy. With extra side pockets in your golf travel cover, you can accomplish this weight limiting trick in a few seconds.

5. Foldability.

golf travel bag rentalIn recent years, golf travel cover manufacturers have started creating covers that fold up after use. The ability to fold is a great feature for several reasons. First when a golf travel case folds up it makes it easier to mail back to us after your rental use.

The second reason is a folded travel golf bag is that much easier to store in limited spaces such as rental car trunk or a closet. Folding bags in our opinion are the best golf travel bags on the market.


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