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Five Tips when Looking for Backpacking Gear

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Five Tips when Looking for Backpacking Gear

Tips for finding the right backpack


1. Determine what you really want to do with the backpack.

backpacking GearHaving an idea what you are going to do with the backpack is key. This might sound obvious but if you intend to do a lot of long tough hikes you will need a different backpack compared to if you are hiking your local park for a few hours.

For those long tough hikes, an ultralight hiking pack is a smart way to save your back from tough pain. However, for those short hikes, the extra cost for ultralight hiking pack might not be worth it as you probably won’t be moving around with that much stuff.  

2. Determine Exactly What You Want to Haul.

Backpacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The key is finding the right size for your intended travel. A common rule of thumb for understanding the best backpack size for your next journey is the following:

Length of Trip Bag Size
1 to 3 nights 35-50 liters
3 to 5 nights 50 to 80 liters
Anything longer 70 liters or higher

3. Have an Idea How Long & Often You Plan On Using the Backpacking Gear for.

backpack-2Many travelers think they have to purchase a backpack bag brand new and keep it forever.  That underlying belief is wrong. If you don’t plan on using your backpacking gear such as camping backpacks more than once a year, think long and hard before you buy. Backpacks generally retail between $150 to $300.  Do you really want that much money in an object you rarely use?

You can rent a backpack from us for a fraction of the cost to purchase new. Our rental backpacking gear start as little as $24.99 a week. Think of all the cool things you can do with that rental savings. Simply mail back the rental backpack gear once your trip is over with our pre-paid shipping labels.  Keep the memories and not the backpack on your next adventure.

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4. Torso Length= Backpacking Gear Size.

When looking for a backpacks to round out your backpacking gear look to your torso length. All backpacks are sized according to a person’s torso length. Your height doesn’t matter when it comes to a backpack.

The easiest way to measure your torso length is to find a friend or family member and have them measure the length between the top of your hips to your C7 vertebrae. For you non-science majors, C7 is that that bony protrusion near the base of your neck.

5. Packing, loading and adjusting hiking packs.

The old saying goes, a few minutes of prevention can prevent a lifetime of pain. Packing and loading a backpack falls into this concept because if you don’t pack and load your pack correctly, you are asking for addition back pain and annoyance in the future.

The key is keeping heavy gear close to your back and near your shoulders as backpacks are designed to carry most of the load on your hips while your shoulders carry less.  With more of the heavy weight closer to your backpack, you distribute the weight to the strongest body areas.

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