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Five Vacation Hot Spots To Take Your Family and Our Yakima Cartop Carriers

Five Vacation Hot Spots To Take Your Family and Our Yakima cartop Carriers

Hot Spots To Take Your Family and Our Yakima Cartop Carriers

Iyakima farout rooftop carriersn honor of our Yakima cartop carriers, we have come up with five vacation hot spots that go great with our rental Yakima rooftop bags.

To make our top five list, these vacation hot spots had to be 1.) reasonably priced and 2.) located in spots where driving on great roads is easy to do.

1. Walt Disney World-Orlando, Florida

What family doesn’t want to hang out at a place with the words “Magic” describing one of its key spots? With four theme parks at Walt Disney World, you can spend countless days exploring the parks without getting bored. Located in the middle of Florida, great highways surround Disney World and Orlando making this trip easy for people coming from the Midwest and East coast with our Yakima cartop carriers.

2. Universal Studios-Orlando, Florida

Located a few miles away from Disney World in Orlando, Florida Universal Studios is another world renown theme park with countless hours of fun. Our favorite parts are the Harry Potters themed rides and the Butterbeers. Trust us you can’t have just one Butterbeer.

3. Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, Ohio

For all you amusement park lovers, this amusement park has 150 rides to choose from and some of the largest wooden roll coasters in the world.  Cedar Point is perfect to grab one of our rental yakima rooftop carriers and throw the family in the car for a weekend of fun in Ohio.  With its U.S. central location, a day’s drive from the South, East and Midwest is easily possible.

4. Six Flags over Texas Amusement Park- Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

This Warner Bros. based theme park is a must if you are a cartoon fan of Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and our favorite Elmer Fudd. These fun filled characters roam this Texas theme park looking to make as many new friends as possible. Located in the heart of Texas, a family of four can easily pack their car with our yakima cartop cargo bag and be in Dallas in a day’s trip from the Midwest or South.

5. Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida

Located on the West Side of Florida in Sunny Tampa, Florida, this theme park features all of your favorite wild animals with roller coasters thrown in as well. Stop on by the park with the family or friends to see such wild animals as hippos, hyenas, and giraffes. Oh my. Who doesn’t like seeing a real hippo in person? Beats playing the board game hungry hungry hippo in your living room.

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