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Five Ways to Survive Wedding Season with Rentluggage

wedding season

Five Ways to Survive Wedding Season with Rentluggage

It’s that time of year again, the weather is getting warmer, the birds are chirping and future brides are emerging from a long winter working out for their perfect day. Yes, you guessed it, we are talking about Wedding Season.

Here are five ways to use Rentluggage as your navigate wedding season and wedding locations far and wide.  Like all great life lessons, we have learned these tips through many years of trials and tribulations.  Trust us. You will be happy you read and implemented these strategies.

Tip #1: Determine where your Wedding Season Will Occur.    

A good wedding can take many different forms and many different locations from your backyard wedding down the street to your destination wedding in the Caribbean. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

One of the keys to a great wedding though is planning ahead and making sure you have the right tools for such great parties such as the right clothes, accessories and gifts.  A little planning can make sure you have the rightwedding travel tools to transport these key party items. Nothing is worse than the night before your big wedding trip realizing your luggage isn’t big enough to hold your wedding gift and attire for the trip.

Our rental luggage options make packing and wedding travel with the necessary clothes and items easy.

Traveling with a suit? When you rent a piece of luggage from us, we are glad to throw in a free suit bag rental to make your trip great. To redeem this deal, simply mention in the notes section when checking out you are traveling with a suit. 

Tip #2: Figure out how you are going to travel to the wedding.

Attending a multitude of weddings can be a lot of fun though it can be painful on your wallet if you aren’t prepared. Considering the many different wedding travel options is a must if you want to stretch your travel dollar. Here are a few travel options you may have overlooked that can add significant saving to your life.

Sign Up for a Charter Flight. During certain times charter airlines like JetSuite offer charter flights to top destinations. These charter companies need full flights and are always looking for travelers last minute. 

Use Your Social Networks. This tip is simple. Tweet out to friends and family that you are looking to travel wedding travel tipssomewhere on x date and ask if anyone knows any leads to help. Your friends will shock you with you offers and tips to help accomplish your goal.

If you want to see this idea in action, check out the documentary “Craiglist Joe” where a man travels the US via Craigslist. We aren’t that bold and think sticking to asking your friends is the better strategy. Though the movie is worth a watch as you travel.

Travel at Odd Times. The airlines are out to charge you max dollar for the most convenient times such as on Friday afternoons and Sunday evenings. If you are willing to travel on off peak hours like Saturday morning and Tuesday afternoon you can save a tremendous amount.

Tip #3: If it is a destination wedding. Plan some “You” time.  

Destination wedding can be a great way to experience a new city you may have overlooked. For instance, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and St. Louis (jk) have a lot to offer besides your family or friend’sEAGLE CREEK WEEKEND BAG (22 SYSTEM) wedding.

Use our rental backpacks and tents to arrive a day or two before the wedding and check out outdoor adventures. Our backpacks are large enough you can pack your wedding attire and outdoor gear to save space traveling.

Tip #4: The Perfect Wedding Gift

Finding a unique gift for the bride and groom can be a difficult task especially if it is a large wedding with lots of guest.  If you want to try something new and much needed for the happy couple, check out our gift card optionsgift cardEvery bride and groom is going to need luggage for their honeymoon. We have a ton of great options to make their selected honeymoon travel destination a fun life changing experience.

We can even set it up so that the rentals arrive a few days before the wedding so they can experience the gift before the big day.

Our gift cards are also great if you want to knock out your wedding season shopping in one day.

We also offer what we call our Honeymoon travel special.  This rental special comes with 28 inch hard case luggage for the bride’s shoes and clothes and two backpacks to allow the new happy couple to sign up for new adventures. 

Tip #5: If you plan on driving, think about a rooftop carrier.

If you are headed to a wedding via car with your family or a group of friends, car space could be maxed out very quickly. Consider a rooftop carrier to add more space to your vehicle.rightline rooftop carrier

Our rooftop carriers ship straight to you and can be mailed back anywhere in the Continental United States. Our rentals are a fraction compared to purchasing new and won’t take up space in your garage when your wedding season is over.

Have a wedding season question we didn’t answer?

Email us at for help from one of our travel wedding season experts.

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