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Golf Travel Covers

Golf Travel Covers

Have a big golf trip planned in the near future? Not sure how to prepare? Start with our Travel Covers Tip List. We believe our tips below will save your golf game a few shots on the back nine with your buddies. Don’t worry our tips are free.

1. Stick your business card on the outside and inside of the travel cover in case the outside card comes off. This business card will help identify your clubs in case they get lost.

2. Avoid all-black travel covers. They look like everyone else’s. The next time you are trying to figure out what clubs are yours at the luggage carousel you will understand what we are talking about. 

3. If you have to use a black golf travel cover, put something bright on it so yours stands out.

4. Foldable golf travel covers are a must. Remember when you are golfing, you will probably need to store the travel covers in a small space such as your hotel room or car trunk.

5. It never hurts to wrap an extra towel around the face of your favorite driver. That extra cushion could make all the difference while the airline is handling your golf equipment.

6. Take a picture of the contents of your golf bag so that if it gets lost, you can make a complete claim of your belongings.

7. Empty your water bottles and bring only as many balls as you need — every ounce helps. Remember you can buy golf balls at the course.

8. Your travel cover is the perfect place for shoes and dirty laundry.

9. Don’t forget, golf clubs fly free on Southwest

10. Last, but not least, consider renting golf travel covers from us. If you don’t go on a lot of golf trips, save your money and rent from us. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on more rounds of golf? Our golf travel covers ship right to you. Simply mail back when your trip is over with one of our pre-paid shipping labels.