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Looking for Golf Travel Packing Tips in 2014

Looking for Golf Travel Packing Tips in 2014…

Golf Travel Tips

bag boy golf bag travelLooking for some golf travel tips to start the new year off? We recently came across The Golf Travel Guru and his great golf blog. We found this travel packing checklist that is a must read before your next golf trip. Check it out.

Overall, we agree with many of his tips such as The Golf Guru’s first tip that you need a solid travel bag for your next golf trip. That is why we only offer sturdy golf travel cases to our customers to rent.Though the Golf Travel Guru is overlooking our great rental service of renting a golf travel bag.

Why spend unnecessary money for a golf bag when you can rent and only pay a fraction of the cost? Check out our golf travel bag options here and how they can save you money. Think of all the great golf courses you can play with the money you save renting a golf travel case compared to buying one brand new.  Golf Travel Guru feel free to rework your list to include our great service.

We also think the Golf Travel Guru should add a microfiber towel to his travel list. These towels are must if you are traveling and want to use your own towel and not some dirty used one. We think they are so great we offer them for sale here.


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