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Looking for Golf Travel Tips that Save you Money…

Golf Travel Tips

We have you covered. One of our golf travel tips is rent one of our rental golf bags for your next golf trip with family or friends. They work for any airline. Our bags save you time and money.  Just read our three tips below to get started. 

1. Select a rental golf travel bag from, pick the period of time you need the rental golf bag for and when you need it delivered by. Enter payment information in our secured rental check out process.

2. With this information, Rentluggage ships the pre-selected rental golf travel bag right to your doorstep.  

3. Once the rental period is up, simply place the rental golf travel bag in the original shipping box and drop it off at a FedEx store. provides a prepaid shipping label with each rental so you only have to place the prepaid shipping label on the box. Just drop the rental box off. No need to wait in line to purchase shipping or create your own shipping label. Just make sure the return label is placed over the original shipping label.

Check out our golf travel bags with wheels here to see this golf travel tip in action.   Great golf travel bags sale coming soon. 

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