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how to install thule sidekick

How to install Thule Sidekick

A Quick Thule Sidekick Installation Guide to Save You Time, Money and Energy

Trying to figure out how to install a Thule Sidekick carrier to your sedan, SUV or compact car? Check out the Thule Sidekick Manual Here.

If you want a few more unofficial tips and ideas on this topic as well, you have come to the right place. Below is a quick tip list to help make this Thule Sidekick roof top cargo carrier installation process easier. 

How to Install Thule Sidekick Tip 1: Figure out what type of rack systems is on your automobile’s roof.

This distinction is crucial because the Thule Sidekick will only work on certain cars and rack systems. If you don’t know this rack answer, walk out to your garage right now and take a photo of your car roof for reference. Also, measure the dimensions of your roof while you are out out there.

You are going to need to know this roof dimension information as you walk through this process. A few minutes of planning will save you future headaches later.  

Depending on what rooftop rack system or the lack thereof will impact how and if you will mount your Thule roof top cargo carrier. 

  1. If Roof Option One, your car has a naked roof. You have no rails on your roof. You can’t use a Thule Sidekick with your car. Check out our Rightline Carriers as possible options instead.  
  2. If Roof Option Two, your car has a rail system but it only runs down the sides of the car and does not cross. Side rails can either come with your car or you can purchase them to attach to your car. You can’t use a Thule Sidekick here. Check out our Rightline Carriers as possible options instead.  
  3. If Roof Option Three, your car has a rail system which has a cross rail system. This set up is ideal and a Thule Sidekick should work here. Cross rail systems can either come with your car or you can purchase one to attach to your car. With the purchase of a cross rail system you can turn option 1 above into option 3. Read to get exact specifics to confirm your cross rail system will work for installation.

How to Install Thule Sidekick Tip 2: Give Yourself 24 hours to Install before leaving on your road trip.

While installing the Thule Sidekick is straight forward and should only take a small amount of time, working through the Thule Sidekick specs at least 24 hours before leaving allows you to relax when working through this process. Time pressures can cause unwanted stress and frustration to quickly boil up. how to install thule sidekick

How to Install Thule Sidekick Tip 3: Review the recommended weight restrictions your cross rails system and car manual lists before installing.

Each car and cross rails system can have a different recommended weight it can withhold during a road trip. Knowing these weight limitations are important prior to packing up your Thule Sidekick.

Failure to follow these weight limit restrictions can lead to serious and potentially how to install thule sidekickdangerous issues when driving. 

How to Install Thule Sidekick Tip 4: Place the empty Thule Sidekick on your cross rail roof system prior to placing items within the thule carrier. 

This step is crucial as it prevents added pressure on the Thule Sidekick during transport onto your roof rack system.

It also allows you to evenly distribute the weight on the roof rack.  Both preventive steps will help prevent the rooftop cargo carrier from opening during your road trip. 

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Interested in further instructions from Thule? Check out the Thule Sidekick Manual Here

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