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How To Pack A Bike Travel Bag

How To Pack A Bike Travel Bag

How To Pack A Bike Travel Bag

Are you planning to travel to some gorgeous natural landscape before the year ends? However, transporting your bike by plane means that you’ll be worried about the safety of your bike for the entirety of your journey. So, what can you do to ease that anxiety? Pack the bike into a safe and durable bike travel bag, of course! How do you pack a bike into a bike travel bag? Let’s find out!

Packing your bike into a travel bag takes less than an hour. However, this tiny bit of effort will keep your bike safe on its plane ride, so you can ride your bicycle wherever you want. Here are the step-by-step instructions for packing your bike.

Packing A Bike Into A Bike Travel Bag

  • DAKINE Bike Roller Bag

    Open your bike bag and lay it flat on the ground.

  • Detach the bike pedals and place them in the bag. 
  • Place the bike on a bike stand and remove the wheels. You should also place some spacers between the brake pads so that they don’t get deformed when the luggage handlers move the bike bag around. Put your wheels in the wheel bag.
  • If your bike travel bag is big enough, only remove the front wheel and zip tie it to the frame.
  • Take the derailleur off your bike and strap it to the frame with the help of a zip tie. Make sure to zip tie it to the rear triangle.
  • Wrap the chainring with some old cardboard or foam to prevent it from getting damaged in the flight. 
  • Next, remove the handlebars. You can either take off the whole stem or just separate the front plate of the stem.
  • Wrap delicate things like the saddle, the forks’ lower part, and the rear dropouts in bubble wrap.
  • Place everything in its place in the bike bag.
  • Secure all the components of the bike to the bike travel bag with the help of its straps. 

Some Great Bike Travel Bag Suggestions

We’ve curated two excellent options for bike lovers to choose from when wishing to transport their beloved rides. Are you ready to know what they are? Dakine Bike Roller Bag and Thule RoundTrip Traveler Bike Case are great are top options when it comes to bike travel bags. Rent this bag for a fraction of the cost compared to buying new travel items. 

Dakine Unisex Bike Roller BagDakine Bike Roller Bag

The Dakine Bike Roller Bag is great for economizing on space and prioritizing the safety of your bike. The frame and the anchoring system in the bag are excellent for making sure the components of your bike stay in place and do not rub against each other or otherwise get damaged during transit. It also comes equipped with padding that protects the most essential bike parts. Its roller quality makes sure that your tool bag doesn’t occupy too much space, so the entire bike travel bag isn’t too clunky.

Thule RoundTrip Traveler Bike Case

thule round trip travler case

The Thule RoundTrip Traveler Bike Case is one of the best choices on the market for a bike travel bag. Its collapsible sidewalls combined with its rigid exterior provide the perfect combination of protection and compactness. This bag also includes a work stand that will allow you to assemble and disassemble your bike with a lot more efficiency. It also has padding in critical places to protect your bike during transit.  Well, we hope you enjoy your trip with the help of your new sturdy bike bag!


Have more bike travel bags questions we didn’t answer above? Check out our FAQ with our time savings insights. 

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