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How to Rent Bicycle Travel Bag to Cycle through Europe

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How to Rent Bicycle Travel Bag to Cycle through Europe

Trying to figure out how to get your bike to a top cycling spot in Europe such as Francigena, Italy Elbe Cycle Path; or Camino Frances? You have googled a time and money saving tip in this post below. 

In the next few minutes below, we will guide you through how to rent a bicycle travel bag from our site that can be used to travel with your bicycle from your home in the United States to a EU travel destination.

Below is a quick step by step guide on how to use our services. 

  1. Select a rental bike bag from our online catalog,
  2. Pick the period of time you need the rental bag for, and when you need it delivered. Our rental periods range from as little as three days to four weeks. 
  3. We ship the bike travel bag to your doorstep.
  4. Pack up the bicycle travel bag with your bike.
  5. Head to the airport and use our bicycle travel bag to head your destination.
  6. Enjoy your travels in Europe
  7. Head home with your bicycle travel bag back to the U.S.
  8. Once at home back in the U.S., place the bike bag in the original shipping box and drop it off at a FedEx store with a RentLuggage provided prepaid return shipping label attached.
  9. Free Return Shipping in the U.S. on every order.

Check out how to start your bicycle travel rental here

Lastly, we offer a wide assortment of bicycle travel bags that can work on an assortment of bike from cycling, to mountain to fat tire. 

Please note our rental services aren’t available if you plan on staying in Europe though we are glad to sell you a bike travel bag instead of renting it. All shipping location though must be in the United States.

Lastly, our bicycle travel bags are TSA approved and can be used on such airlines as American, Delta, United, and Southwest.

Have other European bicycle travel bag questions we haven’t answered above?

Check out our FAQ

Have questions on how to pack your bike travel bag? Manufacturer’s Installation Video Found Here. 

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