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How to Rent Triathlon Bicycle Travel Bag


How to Rent a Triathlon Bicycle Travel Bag

Trying to figure out how to get your bike to your upcoming Triathlon? We are glad to be your Triathlon travel guide in your journey to compete and hopefully win your upcoming Triathlon using our triathlon bicycle travel bag.

In the next few minutes below, we will guide you through how to rent a bicycle travel bag from our site that can be used to travel with your bicycle and other triathlon gear. Our services take one more thing off your to do list so that you can focus on what matters most when it comes to this upcoming event.

We want to make sure you have your preferred bike with at the bike race and in perfect working condition.  Let us help you accomplish this small goal as you move toward your big racing goals

Below is a quick step by step guide on how to use our Triathlon bike travel bag services. 

  1. Select a rental bike bag from our online catalog, we carry such brands as Thule, EVOC and Dakine.  We are also authorized distributors for all three of these brands so we know these options well. 
  2. Pick the period of time you need the rental bicycle travel bag for, and when you need it delivered. Our rental periods range from as little as three days to four weeks.  Our rental prices are a fraction compared to buying a new bag. 
  3. We ship the triathlon bike travel bag to your doorstep or any other location you want that is in the Continental United States. We repeat we ship nationwide.  You don’t have to worry about going to our store. Our bags comes to you. 
  4. Pack up the bicycle travel bag with your bike for your big Triathlon race.person running triathlon
  5. Head to the airport using our bicycle travel bag to protect your bike as you travel. Rest on your flight knowing your bicycle is well protected with our bike travel bag rental. 
  6. Compete in the Triathlon with your bike in perfect working order. 
  7. Head home with your bicycle travel bag and bike secured safely.
  8. Once at home, place the bike travel bag in the original shipping box and drop it off at a FedEx store with a RentLuggage provided prepaid return shipping label attached. 
  9. Free Return Shipping in the U.S. on every rental order.

Check out how to start your bicycle travel rental here

Lastly, we offer a wide assortment of bicycle travel bags that can work on an assortment of bike from cycling, to mountain to fat tire. 

Please note our rental services aren’t available if you plan not returning to the Continental United States though we are glad to sell you a bike travel bag instead of renting it as an alternative. We also allow you to purchase our rentals if you love the rental so much. We apply part of your rental fee to the final purchase price. 

All shipping location though must be in the Continental United States. Though rent from and Return from Anywhere in the Continental United States. This means us shipping one of our bike travel case rentals to your starting destination and you sending it back from a completely different location in a different part of the United States at the end of your travel if you so desire. Here are more details about this time saving idea.

No extra charges to accomplish this time and money saving task. Still have other shipping questions, check out this shippping guide called How To Get this Awesome Thule Bike Travel Case to You.

Have other triathlon bicycle travel bag questions we haven’t answered above?

Check out our FAQ

Have questions on how to pack your bike travel bag? Manufacturer’s Installation Video Found Here. 

What is the difference between a hard and soft bike travel bag? Explanation found here

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