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How to Ship Skis On Your Next Ski Vacation

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How to Ship Skis On Your Next Ski Vacation

A How to Ship Skis / Snowboards Tutorial

Upcoming ski vacation with family? Worried about the high price of checked ski gear the airlines charge? 

We have your travel ski solution here. Consider shipping your ski gear via a third party. It can be a huge time and money saver.

Below is a quick how to ship skis tutorial with a special twist using our rental ski cases. 

Step 1: Find a Shipping Company that Will Pick Up and Drop off your Ski Gear.

A host of shipping options exist that allow you to ship your ski/snowboard gear from your house to your ski vacation destination. Below are some of the options that are glad to help. With several different competitors out there, it is worth checking out your ship skis options so you get the best price. 

ship your golf clubs

Step 2: Determine what skis/snowboard you want to ship.

ship skis fedex

how to ship ski case tube

Shipping costs vary based on distance, the dimension and weight of your case. The bigger and heavier, the more it will run. The average price to ship ski gear domestically ranges between $20 to $50. 

We have a wide variety of ski case and snowboard tube options that can fit any type of ski trip you have planned from a weekend getaway with friends to an extended trip with family. All of our ski rental options are third party shipping carrier friendly.

We have experts standing by to answer any question you have about the rental options we can help with

Step 3: Have the Ski Case Sent to Your Home to Pack Up.

Our rental ski case tubes can ship all over the United States. Below is a map showing our Fedex Ground Options. Though we have quicker shipping options. Drop us a note and or proceed to the check out to learn about our 2 day and Overnight Shipping options.

Rentluggage Shipping

Step 4: Have your packed ski case sent to your destination/ hotel/ or a near by Fedex Store/ UPS Store for your vacation.

Shipping your luggage allows you to avoid the hassle of traveling through an airport with heavy luggage. Sit back and relax on your flight. Know you don’t have to mess with your skis during your airline trip. 

Step 5: Enjoy your relaxing ski vacation.

ship skis

Step 6: Ship your ski case tube back to your house.

ways to ship clubs

Step 7: Ship the rental ski/ snowboard case to us when your relaxing ski vacation is over.

Free Return Shipping with all rental orders. Simply keep the box the ski/ snowboard case tube was delivered in and place it back in it when you are finished using it. 

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