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How to Use Our “Make Offer” Option To Save Money

What is the “Make Offer” Option About?

We at Rent Luggage are now proud to utilize another new feature in the e-commerce space to save you time, money and resources.

Its called “Make Offer” option.

What is this “Make an Offer” feature exactly?

This option lets you propose a price you’re willing to pay on certain for sale items on Rent Luggage below the normal retail price.

This money saving option appears on Brand New and used items we sell on our site.

We consider such offers and decide to accept them based on the quantity we have in stock and the season of the year. 

Also by selling through our website directly vs a third party merchant page such as amazon, ebay, etc. we avoid such fees and pass the savings onto you directly.

Here’s how this deal works in more detail.

How to Make an Offer to Us.

  1. Choose Make Offer.
  2. Enter the price you are willing to pay. If you want to add any additional terms, you can add a message to us.
  3. Review your price offer and select Submit offer.

What happens after you make your “Offer”

Our Company receives an alert about you. We have until your offer expires to decide whether to accept or reject your offer or to suggest another price to close out this deal.  We generally reply within minutes to your proposed terms via email. 

Rent Luggage will respond via email in one of several ways:

  • We accept your price: Just like any other sale on our site, you’re obliged to pay the amount you proposed. You will receive an email providing a link to enter payment. 
  • We reject your plan: You can still make another price proposal (up to 5 on most items).
  • We counter your offer: Our Company suggest another price to close this deal. You can choose to accept, reject, or continue negotiating by making another proposal to us. 

Tips for making Offers to Us

When you’ve got your eye on something and have a certain price in mind, you can increase your chances of us accepting your price by having a best offer strategy. Here are some tips for making offers to us:

  • Be reasonable: While Rent Luggage is flexible, we only review serious offers. Offers below 50% of the retail price shouldn’t bother to submit. 
  • Add a message for Rent Luggage: A friendly, personal message could help you get the item at the price you want. Look for the Add message to option when you’re entering your proposal.
  • Use your best offers wisely: There are limits to how many best offers can be made per item. For most categories, you can make up to 5 offers. Expired, rejected, and retracted offers all count toward this limit.

To begin utilizing this money saving deal, check out our items we allow “Offers” on here.