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How We Can Help Local Golf Pro Shops

Partnerships with Local Golf Pro Shops

We love local golf prop shops. Are you a local golf pro shop that is getting questions on helping a golfer member travel with his or her golf clubs to an upcoming golfing trip? 

Let us guess, the customer doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a golf travel bag and is asking you if you have any ways you can help him or her. 

Further, you are a small golf pro shop and don’t have the interest or space to store golf travel bags in your shop?

You are looking for a way to help this customer or senior member in your private club? You have searched for the right golf travel bag answer. 

We were founded in 2012 and have helped countless golf customers across the United States accomplish their travel golfing goals with our time saving rentals.

We are open to partnering with local golf prop shop companies to help make their golf travel customers meet their golfing needs. 

Through our across the United States golf travel case rentals, we can provide golf travel bag rentals to help.  Check out our rental options here

Our rentals can ship right to the local customer house or to your local golf pro shop store where you can help the local customer pack up his golf and offer other golf accessories to help he or she for their travels. Here’s how our shipping works.

Yes that means we can help any golf pro shop in any continental United States location from California to Florida to New York. We are glad to work with you the local golf prop shops to help their local golfers use our services to get them to the big golfing trip.

With a potential partnership, you as the local golf shop can continue to provide solutions to your local customer and help him or her with his local needs and we can be that unique piece of wisdom you offer the golfer to make trip that much better. They may even use the rental savings to buy other items in your shop.

For instance, you can say “Hey did you know a e-commerce store exists that lets you rent golf travel bags and they include free return shipping? Their name is RentLuggage and ship across the U.S.A”

Reach out to us today so we can find new ways to help golf customers have the best experiences of their lives using our travel gear and your local pro shop services.

Lastly, we are also open to marketing ideas on cross promotion as we get customers asking us all the time what are the things they should do at key destinations. 

We are glad to point them to local golf shops to help make their travel experience that much better. 

We love helping other local golf shops succeed! Send us a note below to learn more.

Still have more questions, check out our FAQ for golf travel bags.