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How We Make Your Next Trip Better

Luggage for Rent

Dear Fun Seeking Travelers:

Hello and welcome to an exciting travel idea that was created out of necessity in South America, birthed in Europe by friends, and grew up in front of your very own eyes in the United States.  At Rentluggage, we provide a simple money-saving service that allows you to travel longer, enjoy the open road for a little longer, and see one more breath-taking view. Our simple travel service ships rental luggage straight to your door. You enjoy great luggage at a fraction of the cost. This straightforward ordering process only takes a few quick steps highlighted below. We provide FREE Return Shipping on all of our orders.

1. FIND IT: Select one of our rental bags. Check out our great selection.

2. BOOK IT: Once you’ve selected your items, book for a 1,2, 3 or 4 week period.

3. USE IT: Once ordered, we ship the rental bag straight to your door step.

4. RETURN IT: Once your rental period is up, just drop your rental off in the original shipping box at a FedEx location. Place our pre-paid shipping label on the box to receive the free return shipping. All rentals come with a pre-paid shipping label.

A Few Logistical Points

  • We look to the shipping tracker dates to determine the rental dates. If you want to enjoy the rental luggage past the agreed upon period, works for us.  However, we charge the regular rate for the extra time. For instance, if you signed up for two weeks, but kept the rental for a month because you decided to enjoy Italy for an extra two weeks, you are charged for the extra two weeks.
  • The renter is responsible for damage to the rental during the rental period. Also, if you fall in love with one of our bags, and decide to keep the bag, after a reasonable period of time, we give you notice and charge you for a replacement piece of luggage. We take these actions so that we can keep a great stock of bags on hands for others. We due retain the right to determine if the rental is damaged as sometimes our opinion differs than yours on how much fun you had with our luggage.


Feel free to email us at or find us on twitter @rentluggage.

Let us join you on your next great adventure with our free return shipping. Check out our rental luggage selection that will make your trip that much better.

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