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Last Minute Travel Solutions

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Last Minute Travel: Its ok if its last minute, we can still help

How We Help Last Minute Travelers

So last minute your flight was canceled? Or you just realized that your car can’t hold all the items you want to take on your upcoming road trip? Or you forgot to order your travel gear and it is a few days before your big trip? We can help if you fall into any of these categories or some other reason on why you need an item from us last minute.

Overall, we ship nationwide and have an assortment of shipping options to make sure your get what you need when you need it as soon as possible.

We want to help, don’t worry if you think your time window is tight. Reach out and let us see if we can become your travel friend.

Below are key ways we can help with your last minute travel.

  1. Overnight Shipping– We have partnered with Fedex and UPS to offer overnight shipping on most of our rental items. When you go to check out our website will give you shipping pricing options for overnight, two day and ground shipping options based on your timing needs.  We want to help. Here’s how

    backpacking europe; rooftop carrier walmart

    Return to FedEx

  2. Customer service and support: We prioritize customer service and support to help last-minute customers. Whether it’s answering questions about rental options or helping with the booking process, we have knowledgeable and responsive customer service can help make the last-minute booking process go smoothly.
  3. Rental Items that install quickly: We have selected items like rooftop carriers that can install quickly so that if you are in a rush, our item attach quick to help get you on the road. 
  4. One Way Options: With all of our rental item we allow you for no extra charge to send the item back to us from a different return location anywhere in the continental United States. This trick can be a big time saver especially if you are managing around last minute travel plans. Here’s how. We have offered this option so that travelers have more flexibility with us. one-way rooftop carrier rental
  5. Quick and easy booking process: We have streamlined our booking system to make it easy for customers to book last minute. With online booking and confirmation systems, customers can quickly and easily reserve a rental, often in just a few clicks. This can be especially convenient for customers who need a rental quickly and don’t have time to shop around.
  6. Flexibility in rental options: We have a large inventory of rentals that ships nationwide so that we can offer flexibility in terms of rental type and location. This can be helpful for customers who need a rental quickly but may not have specific preferences in terms of type or location.

In summary, we at RentLuggage can serve people booking last minute. Let us help you on your last minute travel. 

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