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Money Saving Travel Tips to Overcome the Winter Blues

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Money Saving Travel Tips to Overcome the Winter Blues

Adventure Seekers, 

Welcome to another freezing cold January. Right now you are probably freezing somewhere and wondering how can I get somewhere warm on the cheap.  Below are five unique travel tips you may not have thought of. They will save you time, money and headaches. I promise you these travel tips are not boring like use Expedia or look for plane tickets on Tuesday afternoons at 3 pm. All of these tips are travel tested. 

1. Take Different Modes of Transportation

Whoever said because you left on a plane you had to come back on one?  Many weekend trips are perfect for the train up flight back strategy. We recommend you take an Amtrak train on a Friday evening and fly back Sunday night. Now you might be thinking well with this strategy I don’t get to enjoy a nice Friday night meal. Let’s be honest even if you fly you probably won’t do much the first night you arrive. Save a few bucks and see the countryside. Also, many Amtrak trains have a dinning car where you can have a great Friday night meal and glass of wine.  A meal from the train dining car can be a great adventure story. 

2.Sign Up for a Charter Flight

During certain times charter airlines like JetSuite offer charter flights to top destinations. These charter companies need full flights and are always looking for travelers last minute. If you are flexible on location, you can find a great deal.  

3. Use Your Social Networks

This tip is simple. Tweet out to friends and family that you are looking to travel somewhere on x date and ask if anyone knows any leads to help. Your friends will shock you with you offers and tips to help accomplish your goal. If you want to see this idea in action, check out the documentary “Craiglist Joe” where a man travels the US via Craigslist. We aren’t that bold and think sticking to asking your friends is the better strategy. Also, this travel documentary is the perfect movie to watch on a Friday night train. 

4. Travel at Odd Times

The airlines are out to charge you max dollar for the most convenient times such as on Friday afternoons and Sunday evenings. If you are willing to travel on off peak hours like Saturday morning and Tuesday afternoon you can save a tremendous amount. 

5. Rent a Car NOT from the Airport Terminal

It is amazing to see the rental car price differences between an airport terminal and a rental terminal a few miles away. Car rental stores are like airlines they want to charge you max dollars to make your life carefree. If you take a brief cab, uber or public transit a few miles away you can save a tremendous amount of money when renting a car.  

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