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Money Savings Tips for Budget Travel and Backpacking in Europe

Budget Travel Tips


Looking for some great money saving travel tips? Check out the Savvy Backpacker blog and its recent article on saving money traveling Europe.  We recently found this awesome blog and think James, the founder of the Savvy Backpacker, has a wealth of knowledge about backpacks and budget travel.  This blog is a must read if you are going to Europe in the near future. This blog offers a wide range of tips from packing, to lodging, and transportation costs. Our favorite budget travel tip from this recent backpacking article is backpackers should research and then try to find safe but non tourism areas.  Great deals can be found in these off the beaten paths and can offer unique experiences.  We took this strategy in Ireland. It led to some great, unique experiences.

Our only complaint with the Savvy backpacker is James needs to talk about our rental backpack service.  We think our rental backpacks are a great budget travel way to travel Europe when we allow you to save lots of money by renting. Our rental prices are only a fraction of what you would pay if you purchased a brand new backpack.

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