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New Rooftop Carrier Instructional Video

New Rooftop Carrier Instructional Video

We at Rentluggage are proud to announce we have finished new Rooftop Carrier Instructional Videos that are both helpful and we think funny.  Finished just in time for the summer roadtrip season

Our goal with our new Rooftop Carrier Instructional Videos is to show you how easy it is to rent from us and select the right car top carrier for you next road trip.

No need to head to a outdoor store. We can help you right from your couch. Sit back and enjoy.  We are glad to make your life less stressful. 

We are also excited to announce another video our new Mascot… Clarence.

Clarence represents those friends, family or co-workers, who are resistant to change and don’t believe new better ways exist to make your life easier.  

Our new rooftop carrier instructional videos below educate Clarence on how RentLuggage has many different car top carrier options that can save you time, money and headaches.  

Have a friend like Clarence? Share our video with them to show them a better way exists at a fraction of the cost. 

In the coming months, we intend to launch more online videos explaining to Clarence how RentLuggage can make your life easier and that with the help of technology new better, cheaper ways exist to save you time, money and energy. 

Check out our new videos now! We appreciate any likes you can give us. 

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