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Thank You & Your New Years Resolution Aid

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Thank You & Your New Years Travel Resolution Aid

Thank You:

As 2017 comes to a close, we want to say thank you to our wonderful customers and explain briefly how we can make 2018 a better year.

First to our loyal customers, we want to thank you for another successful year in business. Without your belief and support, we can’t continue on our mission to save travelers time, money and energy. If you enjoy our services, please tell your family and friends. A referral in our opinion is the highest compliment you can give RentLuggage. 

New Years Travel Resolution

Second, if 2017 wasn’t what you had planned and are looking for a better 2018, please keep reading to learn more about how we can make 2018 special.

Like the 1990s NBC Friends TV Show theme song says, “When It Hasn’t Been Your Week, Your Month or Even Your Year…we are here for you… and have the tools to turn your life around…”

Ok… maybe that’s not quite how the song goes but hopefully you get our point in that we are your travel friends, who are willing and able to help turn your struggles upside down with a few clicks on your computer. 

Use our Rentals to Start out 2018 with a Bang using our travel tools to turn a rough 2017 into a 2018 you won’t forget for the rest of your life. In the years to come, those travel memories will overcome a long day or a rough night. Why not invest today for a better tomorrow?

Check out our RentLuggage Guide Below On How to Use our Rentals to Make 2018 a Year You Won’t Forget for Decades to Comes.

triathlon bike travel case


This Travel Comrade Allows You to Pack Up Your Bicycle For That Race You were Afraid to Enter in 2017.

rightline rooftop carrier

This Travel Companion Enjoys the Open Road as the Crisp Winter Air Runs through its Water Resistant Material as You Pack Up and head to a new destination in life.

Sportube Series Ski Case



This Travel Partner Will Protect Your Skis or Snowboard as You Head to the Slopes to Blow off Some Winter Blues. Let this case be the tool that let you meet someone that changed your life in 2018. 

otium ski rack

This Travel Friend Allows You to Turn Your Regular Honda Civic into a Getaway 2018 Ski Slope Journey to the Rocky Mountains. Who knew that compact car of yours can change your perspective so quickly? 

rentluggage customer

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