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The Pefect Ski Backpack Found Here

Looking for A Backpack for Skiing? Check out the Osprey Ski Backpack

You can have come to the right place. We have the perfect day ski backpack that is light, easy to strap on and can be rented for a fraction of the cost compared to buying new.

Drum roll please on this solution that will save you time, money and energy…

It is our Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack-15 Liter

The Perfect Osprey Ski Backpack for your winter adventures.

Weighing in at only 1.6 pounds and made out of Nylon fabric, this backpack serves as the perfect lightweight ski backpack to store your cell phone, water bottle, suntan lotion, maps and extra pairs of warm clothing as your ski or snowboard this winter season.

Further, with its front zippered pockets you can easily access your backpacks contents with your ski gloves still on with no hassle. Its key clip inside the backpack allow you a secure way to store your car keys as your head down the mountain slide. 

This osprey ski backpack starts at only $9.99 for a three day rental and ships free if you rent this option with our ski rooftop rack rentals.

Wondering where you can get this ski backpack? 

That’s easy. We ship out our rentals across the Continental United States so you don’t have to go anywhere to get this backpack. We come to you and take it away. Every rental comes with a free pre-paid fedex shipping label to use when your trip is over.

We have shipping options available to make sure this osprey ski backpack arrives when you need it and ships out when you are finished with it. Keep the memories and not your ski equipment this winter season. 


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