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Humorous Take How to Pack for Your Next Europe Backpacking Trip

Humorous Take How to Pack for Your Next Europe Backpacking Trip

Fun Seeking Travelers, 

Want a great Europe backpacking tip for your next trip? Not sure how you are going to get all those clothes into that backpack for Europe? Check out this Patagonia Black Hole Duffelawesome video from Amazing and Crazy videos, who offers a great travel tip on packing. The packing video blew our mind. Great way to pack a backpack for Europe. 

When we first watched this packing video we didn’t think he any chance to get all these clothes into one backpack. However, he proves once again if you are willing to try something new, it can lead to great things. We think his packing tips work great with any of our rental items especially our rental backpacks on your next Europe backpacking trip. Give one of our rental backpacks a try today so you can try out these awesome packing tips. 

Hopefully, Amazing and Crazy videos next tackles how to pack a rooftop cargo bag or golf travel bags. Both of these rental bags require some thought if you want to do it right.   If they don’t make a video here shortly we just might have to. 

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