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travel blogger

Love to Travel? Aspiring Travel Blogger?

Have a Travel Blog or means to tell the world about your adventures? Facebook, twitter, personal website? 

Awesome, Rentluggage is excited to work with fun exciting people who want to see the world and all that it has to offer. 

RentLuggage is proud to announce a NEW program called “Tell the World“.

Our new program is simple. Get a free rental to travel the world from us and tell the world about your experiences. This New Program’s mission is to tell the world how our rental services allow people to turn their travel dreams into a reality.

With our rental services you don’t need thousands of dollars to make great life changing adventure happen. With a few clicks of the mouse, you be on your way to meeting new people, places, and adventure.

Opportunity is looking you square in the face, here is your calling to take that next big step in life.  

How Does The Program Work? Just follow these Three Easy Steps!

1. Message us a note briefly explaining how you want to use one of our rentals to see the world such I want to backpack across Europe or I want to take a road trip from Maine to Oregon. Also in this note, tell us how you can tell the world about your experience with our rentals.  

2. Once a month, we will select the best proposal we receive and contact the winner with the free rental details.  With our rentals you are officially a travel blogger off to see the world. 

3. Enjoy the free rental and post on your applicable media a story about your adventure and how your rental made your trip that much better.  Send us a quick note when the post is live so we can help promote your travel blogger story to our readers as well.