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Rooftop Carrier

Rooftop Carrier Catalog – Rentals

We have hand-picked rooftop carriers that can attach to any roof and go great with a family vacation, a big move or a road trip. We take bookings months in advance too!

How It Works - Rooftop Carrier

On Time Delivery Guarantee or Your Money Back!

We offer Free return shipping on all orders. Free round trip shipping on any order more than $100.

We can take rental orders months in advance. Once you place your rental car top carrier order with an agreed upon rental delivery date, we ship the rooftop carrier to meet your requested delivery date.

We carry a variety of car top carrier brands such Thule, Yakima, Rightline, WeatherTech and Sherpak that fit on an assortment of cars.

Beginner's Guide to Selecting and Renting a Rooftop Carrier

Beginner's Guide to Selecting and Renting a Rooftop Carrier

  • Step 1: Consider the size of your car. Rooftop carriers come in different shapes and sizes. A large SUV compared to a compact car does make a difference. You want to select a carrier that is a good fit for your car’s roof surface.
  • Step 2: Figure out if your car has a rack system and how it sets up on your roof. If you don’t have a rack system that is ok as well. Knowing what you have prior to selecting a carrier is important as not every carrier can attach to every roof.
  • Step 3: Plan out how many items you plan to put in the rooftop carrier ahead of time.  A user wants to attach a carrier that is correctly packed as ill-packed carriers can cause problems when in use.
  • Step 4: We offer rooftop carriers under a variety of rental plans.  Our rentals start the day you want the carrier delivered to your house and end the day you drop the item off at Fedex.

Watch Our Video on How to Select a Rooftop Carrier

For a more robust guide with roof diagrams and product recommendations, check out our full guide here.