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Searching REI Car Top Carrier? Here is an Easier Solution.

A New Idea that will Save You Money, Energy and Time.

Believing REI is your roof top carrier solution?  Please PLEASE think again. We are Rentluggage, an e-commerce solution, and we are here to say a new better CHEAPER SIMPLER solution exists about using a rooftop carrier on your next road trip or moving adventure. 

Our Travel Solution is simple, RENT don’t buy a rooftop carrier. We ship our rooftop carrier nationwide. All rentals come with free pre-paid Fedex shipping.

To help persuade you we are a better option than a REI, we have written up with a top ten list explaining our services. 

Reason #1: Substantial Cost Savings. 

REI Car Top CarrierOur car top carrier rentals are a fraction of the cost compared to buying a new REI car top carrier. On average, our customers save around $100 when they rent from us compared to purchasing new. Use this cost savings on longer trips, better hotels and farther places.

Reason #2: Don’t have to Leave Your Couch.  

Unlike REI, our car top carrier rentals are mailed straight to you. No need to get in your automobile, drive countless miles to fight congestion and then walk endless miles to find the car top carrierat the back of the mega store.  With our services, when done, simply mail back to us with our provided FEDEX free return shipping labels.REI Car Top Carrier

Reason #3: No Up-Sell Charges By Us.  

Unlike big box retailers, we won’t up-sell you on a item you really don’t need.  Our main business is to rent NOT sell items. 

Reason #4: Place an Order from Anywhere and anytime. 

Unlike a traditional big box retailer, we are live 24/7 and allow you to research and look through our selection at a time that is best for you.  Want to shop at 2 AM from your home, no problem. We are glad to help. 

Reason #5: No Extra Storage Space Required.  

Unlike a traditional purchase from a traditional retailer like REI, when you are finished with our car top carriers the item ship away. You aren’t stuck with a car top carrier that takes up space only to pulled out at your next garage sale or big move in life.REI Car Top Carrier

Reason #6: You Help Cut Down on Trash.

When you rent with us, you allow regular items to be used more effectively and efficiently. With a REI car top carrier, you are create one more item that will end up in a trash dump. Mother Earth will thank you. 

Reason #7: Time Management.

With our rental you can send it back when you are done. We handle cleaning it up and getting it ready to go the next time. With a REI car top carrier, you are required to wipe it down, fold it and bundle up all straps associated with the REI car top carrier and then store it. That doesn’t sound like fun to us.  Let us do the tough parts. 

Reason #8: Did we mention our cost saving advantage compared to REI car top carrier?

Reason #9: We Stick to Our Core Rental Solution.

REI Car Top CarrierUnlike REI, where car top carriers are one of hundreds of thousands of items offered, rooftop carriers at Rentluggage are part of a select offering that we have extensive researched and know a tremendous information about.

When you reach out to us, you get a customer service agent that has actually reviewed the relevant car carrier guidelines and knows the products in question.  We don’t believe the same can be said of all REI associates you may chat with at a particular store. 

Reason #10: If You Don’t like the Rooftop Carrier You Aren’t Required to Keep It. 

Unlike a REI car top carrier which once you buy it, you own it for life, with our rental car top carriers, if you don’t like it, you aren’t stuck with it for life.  Our rentals allow you to sample a product and only buy if you want. 

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Once your rental period is up, just drop your roof top carrier rental off in the original shipping box at a FedEx location using our pre-paid shipping label on the box to receive free shipping.



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