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Rightline Carrier Car Clips Installation Instructions

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Rightline Carrier Car Clips

Rightline Car Clips Explained

One of the reasons we love the Rightline rooftop carrier is its ability to attach to cars with and without car rack systems.¬† Rack systems are awesome if you have them on your car though if you are like many folks you don’t have a rack system on your roof and you aren’t interested currently at spending several hundred dollars to install them on your rack for a one off trip you need an alternative ASAP.

You need to check out Rightline if this describes your situation. Rightline rooftop carriers have come up with a unique way to attach a cartop carrier to your car using car clips that attach to your car’s door frame and not a rack rack system.

See below on Rightline how to video showing this time saving attachment tip.¬† Note in particular how the clip attaches to the door’s weather frame.

When we first learned of this car clip strategy, we knew their solution would help our customers save time, money and energy. Since our partnership with Rightline, we have used this time saving car clip strategy to help countless customers travel across the United States.

Check out Rightline and their car clips on your next road trip adventure. We think you will be like the countless other customers that have tried this carrier on their family adventures.

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